feriolli collection

Relying on half a century of experience in designing and producing clothing in Iran and Turkey and using the standards of World Fashion and Clothing Day, Farioli Collection tries to design the latest fashion trends in the world of fashion and clothing with its designer and expert team in body design. It is of Iranian quality.
Our collection is proud to export quality Iranian clothing to all parts of the world, including countries (Turkey, Russia, Africa, etc.).
Thank you for choosing our brand for your tunic.
The purpose of forming the Friuli brand is to introduce the original Iranian art to the civilized and cultured people of Iran.
Our main goal in designing the use of original Iranian motifs and exquisite fabrics and by using the best devices and equipment for the production of clothing, we have designed and produced a magnificent tunic.
We hope to be a worthy bodyguard for Iran and Iranians, as well as a good representative for Iran and the world.
The structure and design of the collection of each of our chapters is inspired by a topic and the element is specific to that collection.
Thank you

feriolli Collection Objectives

feriolli cares about your body because you deserve the best.


  • Creating and expanding youth employment in Iran
  • Supply of quality Iranian products worldwide
  • Promoting the original and civilized Iranian traditions in the form of clothing
  • Production of Iranian quality clothing
  • Production of clothing in accordance with the Iranian climate
  • Increase knowledge and experience in clothing production
50+Years of design and production experience
38Designed portfolio
2430People have bought from us so far
96%Customer satisfaction

feriolli Collection Skills

We work professionally because our professional team is made up of skilled workers and powerful machinery


Fabrication Collection Design 2020


Launch the Friuli Customer Club section


Launch a new production line


Fall 2020 Collection Design


Winter Collection Design 2020